Wanted: a vision and the ability to realize it!

RealizeVisionSeth Godin points out correctly how the requirements in companies are changing (Who should you hire?). When moving from manual-based work style (following certain pre-defined steps to reach a goal) to project-based work style (defining a goal and working towards it with only partly defined steps) a different type of skills is needed.

It a project-based work style it is necessary to be able to visualize the outcome and the possible way to get there. Nevertheless it is even more important to be able to know the necessary skills that help you get there – the skills to get things done).

This also reminds me of my economics professor that I met while studying in Asia. He always strenghtened the importance for students to be able to ask the right questions and be able to visualize future states and not focus too much on beeing the fastest in performing a repetitive task.

So this means we should think big, act small and always keep in mind to get things done. ;-)